Theo A. Artz

Demonstration video, “schemaLinea_analysisRack” – transposition evaluations, 2017
Wood, MDF board, gesso and inkjet print
30” x 22” x ½”
diatomicDials_Diptych: [Module_05e] [Module_28b], 2018
Side-by-side time-lapse simulation video

Theo. A. Artz (Philadelphia, PA) is a graduate of Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia. His interests in fine arts, animation, woodworking, science, technology, cognitive psychology and game theory are reflected in an open-source approach to tools and technologies. Prior to co-founding Drexel University’s Digital Media Department, Artz’s embrace of electronic media tools in the 1980s guided his professional work, which focused on visual assets for commercial film and video, electronic games, interaction design and museum exhibitions. He has designed inaugural user-experience projects for multiple emergent display systems and is recognized internationally as an award-winning director and producer of immersive animations and virtual experiences. Now an Associate Professor Emeritus at Drexel University, Philadelphia, Artz has returned to his studio arts roots, blending the ephemerality of bits and bytes with the tangible longevity of atoms and molecules. Inspired by mixed technologies, experimental storytelling strategies and a life-long collector’s fascination with serialized collectibles, his hand-wrought assemblages intend to allure viewers’ decryption of embedded narratives, meanings and playful conceptual interrelationships. Artz’s works have been exhibited in galleries, museums, festivals and showcases around the world.