2015-16 School Year

Fall 2015: RECOLLECTION: Troubling These Waters

Recollection: Troubling These Waters responded to Recollection at The Print Center and Push/Pull: Wounds of History by Philadelphia art collective Amber Art & Design at Art Sanctuary, both mounted as part of The Print Center’s Centennial celebration: The Print Center 100. The curriculum was anchored in contemporary art that responds, interrogates, listens to, commemorates, challenges, collaborates with and embraces that which is historical. The historical here could be personal, place-based, political, social, cultural, irreverent, introspective or imaginary. Classes were asked to create projects that explored, honored, troubled and/or documented that which is historical in deeply personal ways through the investigation of print and photographic mediums and multimedia installations.

Spring 2016: PAGE TURNER: Possibilities of the Photobook

In the spring of 2016, inspired by The Print Center’s exhibition, By the Book: New Photography Publications, AISP classes explored the diverse and creative approaches artists bring to the creation of photography books. Diverse in form, content and purpose, the resulting publications celebrate the creativity of the student artists as well as the vitality of the photography book as an artistic form.