2016-17 School Year

Fall 2016: CHARTING OUR OWN COURSE: Observation and the Sublime

In the fall of 2016, AISP classes responded to two exhibitions at The Print Center: Victoria Burge: Penumbra and Celestial/Terrestrial. The curriculum drew on the ways the artists in these exhibitions approached the idea of the sublime. Projects explored the variety of scale through which each of us may experience the sublime, from the epic to the minute. Students were asked to create art works that manifested the things that awed them, drove them crazy and connected them to a life that is bigger than themselves.

Spring 2017: EMBODIED VALUES: Art as Personal/Social Witness 

In the spring of 2017, AISP classes responded to two exhibitions at The Print Center: Rebecca Gilbert: wonder and Daily Life: Photography from Lithuania. The curriculum examined the depictions of everyday life offered by the Lithuanian photographers contrasted with Gilbert’s idiosyncratic representations of her discoveries during her travels in a remote area of New Mexico. Students were encouraged to examine the ways that capturing the fleeting, invisible and mundane parts of life can reveal a great deal about what both individuals and the larger society value. Just as the minutiae of our daily lives can reveal a great deal about us, so can our departures into the unknown.