2018-19 School Year

Fall 2018: FREE-FORM

The Fall 2018 curricular context, Free-Form, was developed in response to exhibitions Rochelle Toner: Tying a Knot in a Cherry Stem and Lauren Pakradooni: Static Slip. Both artists consider printmaking a central focus of their studio practice but integrate other media such as painting, collage and sculpture into their works. Concepts and techniques that emerged from the exhibitions include: abstraction, repetition, image construction and layering of shapes, colors and forms.


The Spring 2019 curricular context, Tracing Your Roots, responded to solo exhibitions: Rafael Soldi: CARGAMONTÓN and Chinn Wang: Soaking Up Local Color. Both exhibitions addressed questions and issues critical to the current role of the printed image and were concerned with the role of mediation of the printed image, both literally through process as well as contextually. Students explored themes that emerged in both of the exhibitions, including memory, immigration/migration and the tension between opposites.