2019-20 School Year


The Power of Language was based on themes drawn from the group exhibition The Politics of Rhetoric, which brought together recent artworks that addressed the inherent biases in everyday language. The artworks explored the uses and abuses of rhetoric, and featured texts pulled from sources including audio tapes, musical scores, newspapers and the archival records of southern American plantations. Students created individual and collaborative artworks inspired by themes of democracy, voice and archival collections in response to the exhibition.


Deconstruct/Reconstruct responded to the solo exhibitions of new and recent work: Miguel A. Arag├│n:Indices of Silence/├Źndices del silencio, Young Sun Han: The Unforever Parallel and Ron Tarver: An Overdue Conversation With My Father. Students explored themes of appropriation, community and construction through printmaking and photography projects.

Spring 2020 classes were interrupted midway by the COVID-19 pandemic. AISP continued to support its students and teachers by providing an adaptation of our innovative curricula for distance learning, offering unique opportunities for teaching contemporary art and print to high school and college-aged students.