Benjamin Franklin High School

Spring 2017
Classroom Teacher: Richard Dunoff
Teaching-Artist: Aki Torii

One of art teacher Richard Dunoff’s photography classes from Benjamin Franklin High School worked with teaching-artist Aki Torii to create sculptures incorporating photographs, as well as a photo book, that highlighted work from each student. Students began the residency with a series of photo-shooting field trips to sites near their school and elsewhere in the city. The images resulting from these trips were shared and discussed as a group, along with other photos students had taken elsewhere. Students modified their images in multiple ways using Photoshop. Prints of these images were made and then covered in liquid clay. The prints were then baked, so attaching the image to the surface of the clay. Multiple clay components were then joined together to form sculptures. In the photo book created by the class, each student is represented by one of their photographs on one page and their sculpture on the opposite page.