School of the Future

Fall 2016
Classroom Teacher: Linda Heeg
Teaching-Artist: Mendal Polish

Two of art teacher Linda Heeg’s classes at the School of the Future worked with teaching-artist Mendal Polish to create self-portraits utilizing several different printed and drawn media. Students started the semester making a series of cyanotypes (sun prints) created from abstract drawings, which were then used as a light resist to make prints. Students then experimented with creating photographic portraits of each other using DSLR cameras, with the intended goal of using these images as the starting point for a multi-layered work. Prints of these photos were used as the basis for collages, using a variety of materials. The residency continued with students carrying out a series of creative writing exercises, culminating with each student writing a poem entitled I Am. Each poem was accompanied by a large watercolor painting. Finally, numerous images, including the photographs, poems and watercolors, were layered digitally by the students and printed. These works were exhibited in the classroom.