School of the Future

Spring 2017
Classroom Teacher: Linda Heeg
Teaching-Artist: Grimaldi Baez

Students from two of art teacher Linda Heeg’s classes at the School of the Future collaborated with teaching-artist Grimaldi Baez to create a series of publications, videos and a site specific installation in the classroom, which functioned as a library and reading room. Agreeing as a group that their school’s library was “not for them,” the students decided to create their own library in what they called “their own image.” The checklist for their library included comfortable seating, books, music, “cool art,” a place to socialize and “no adults.” Using a photocopier, students made their own publications, the contents of which were created through a series of exercises designed by the students, which included designing and creating their own art-making tools. Projects undertaken during the semester relied on critical thinking, ingenuity and collective effort.

Video A
Video B
Video C
Video D