Kensington Health Sciences Academy

Fall 2015
Classroom Teacher: Robin Lane
Teaching-Artist: Rana Sindhikara

The 9th and 10th grade students in Robin Lane’s art classroom at Kensington Health Sciences Academy (KHSA) were led through a special project by Teaching-Artist Rana Sindhikara. The students were introduced to the work of a multitude of artists in a wide variety of media and were given the historic background to their work. From these examples, students (almost) unanimously chose a work by artist Oscar Muñoz’s work, Ambulatorio, as their favorite. They were struck by how different this interactive floor piece was. The concept of an artwork as an installation was a new one to them. They decided to make a work that did not follow the tradition of being hung in frames on the walls. 

From their enthusiasm for this installation, Lane and Sindhikara developed the idea of creating an installation that would cover the light fixtures in the classroom. The imagery was made by creating photo transfers using acrylic gel medium. The theme of the work was based on personal recollections, histories and characteristics of the individual students.