Northeast High School

Spring 2017
Classroom Teacher: Harmony Thompson
Teaching-Artist: Marguerita Hagan

Two of art teacher Harmony Thompson’s ceramics classes at Northeast High School worked with teaching-artist Marguerita Hagan to create a permanent installation in their school. The semester began with students creating lists of things they valued. From that list, they each made drawings, which were then translated into carved clay slabs. The slabs, which were kept damp, were then used as a printing matrix to create block prints. Once the prints were pulled, the pieces of clay were bisque fired, glazed and then refired. The resulting clay medallions were mounted onto panels, in an order that responded to the visual qualities of the individual contributions as determined by the students. The panels were installed in the hall outside the ceramics studio along with a suite of the corresponding prints. Entitled Cherish, this project literally and figuratively brought the students’ values, learning and methods full circle.