Northeast High School

Spring 2019
Classroom Teacher: Joyce Millman
Teaching-Artist: Jennifer Raynor

After viewing the exhibitions of Rafael Soldi and Chinn Wang, students chose identity as the central theme for their printmaking projects at Northeast High School. They created individual handmade books and block printed self-portraits. After reading Where I’m From, a poem from Sandra Cisneros’ book, A House on Mango Street, each student began to write a short, descriptive paragraph inspired by the poem as an introduction for their own book. They researched the meanings and cultural significance of their names. Writing and class discussions promoted student participation and understanding. They learned about the art of Faith Ringgold, and her use of printmaking to create multiples. Self-portrait prints pulled from linoleum blocks were used as book covers as well as components of a gridded paper quilt. This project provided opportunities for students to learn about themselves and their classmates. The topic of identity proved valuable, as it was a diverse group, and many of the students remarked that learning about themselves and others was as a beneficial experience.