Randolph Technical High School

Neighborhood: Northwest Philadelphia
Randolph Technical High School is a premiere career and technical neighborhood school. It draws students from many Northwest Philadelphia neighborhoods and is noteworthy for the experiences it offers in fields like automotive technology, culinary, emergency services and health related technologies.

Fall 2019
Classroom Teacher: Tara Capobianco
Teaching-Artist: Kennie Huang

Randolph Technical High School students experimented with a wide range of printmaking and photography techniques to make artwork using text and image which responded to current social issues. Students looked for examples of the use of archives, personal voice and ideas about democracy in visual artworks. They incorporated those themes into their own projects. They learned relief printing, screenprinting, cyanotype and photo transfer techniques. The residency finished with students working in groups to choose a word that represented something for which they wanted to advocate. They used a foam printing process to decorate tote bags with these words.