Tacony Academy Charter High School (B)

Spring 2019
Classroom Teacher: Liz Riggio
Teaching-Artist: Jennifer Polillo

Through group discussions, interactive creative experiences and introductions to contemporary artists and a multitude of printmaking techniques, Tacony Academy Charter High School students explored their own identities. They discovered characteristics that made them distinctly different from one another and those that connected them. Over the course of the residency, they worked with many printmaking techniques, including photo transfer, paper marbling, stamping and relief printing. The students took time to think about what they stand for as individuals and as members of a community. They considered how they could communicate those ideas through various printed media. Students researched social issues that were important to them and created artwork based on those issues. Each student produced a group of prints using each process and then constructed handmade, eight-page accordion books to hold their portfolio of prints.