The U School

Fall 2016
Classroom Teacher: Josh Kleiman
Teaching-Artist: Marilyn Rodriguez

Two of art teacher Josh Kleiman’s classes at The U School worked with teaching-artist Marilyn Rodriguez on a project that combined a wide array of print and photo processes and resulted in a permanent installation in the school. The residency started with the group collectively discussing what form their project should take. They opted to create a multi-layered, strongly graphic mural. Students created rubbings on paper using objects that they had on their person: a phone, a key, a necklace. They also experimented with scratch board to make drawings of other everyday objects. At the same time, students began taking photographs and combining them with images drawn from the internet. These served as inspiration for relief prints made with foam and linoleum plates. Prints of the photographs, along with the rubbings, drawings and relief prints were combined into one large work, which students drew on top of. This large work was wheat-pasted to the wall outside the classroom.