The U School

Spring 2018
Classroom Teacher: Josh Kleiman
Teaching-Artist: Marilyn Rodriguez

The central theme for this U School class project grew from an interest in experimental artmaking processes inspired by the exhibition Collaborative Histories: Dieu Donné. Students learned to incorporate basic, everyday materials into printmaking to create a variety of images. After working with some familiar printmaking techniques such as relief and monoprinting, students learned the photo-transfer process. They created handmade paper to use as a surface for experimentation. Students also used non art, metallic materials such as brillo pads, scrub sponges, screws, wires, washers, etc., to create abstract images formed by rust on large sheets of canvas. The students then drew around the basic forms that were created by the rust. Some were very free with the drawing process and others followed the pattern more closely. They continued by adding color using marker and paint. The final collaborative piece incorporated multiple canvas panels to create a visual map, narrated by the students.