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Making Space: Introduction

Making Space is the final section of this exhibition. It takes a broad look at the landscape, considering the spaces in front of, behind, and next to monuments. While this is a strategy also practiced by other artists in the earlier sections of (Un)Making Monuments – those in this section: Oliver Curtis, Mike Osborne and Kaitlin Pomerantz stand out for their portrayal of unexpected and even accidental views of monuments in everyday experience. Curtis literally turns his back on monumental icons from the Statue of Liberty to the Lincoln Memorial. Osborne finds eye-catching details around them in Washington, D.C., the seat of American politics. Pomerantz wholly avoids that which is traditionally considered a monument, opting instead to monumentalize quotidian objects that capture our imaginations along this nation’s vast highways. Photography plays an intrinsic role in their works in its ability to freeze fleeting moments that offer alternative perspectives on the ways we can interact with monuments, broadly conceived, in our daily lives.