Anne Leighton Massoni (Asbury Park, NJ), is a Specialist Professor of Photography at Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ, which she came to in 2008 to design and implement the new Photography Concentration and Minor. Massoni graduated with an MFA in Photography from Ohio University, Athens, OH and a BA in Photography and Anthropology from Connecticut College, New London, CT. Her work relates to ideas of both real and fabricated memories, using a variety of film and digital techniques.

She has exhibited nationally and internationally including the H. F. Johnson Museum, Ithaca, NY; National Institute of Health Galleries, Washington, D.C.; Allen Sheppard Gallery, New York, NY; East End Film Festival, London, England; and IlCantinonearte Teatri e Galleria del Grifo, Montepulciano, Italy. Recent publications of her work include ASPECT: The Chronicle of New Media Art and SpostaMenti, an exhibition catalog of her series Holding. She serves as the Chair of the Society for Photographic Education’s Mid-Atlantic Region.


Massoni’s series Holding utilizes created images and found photographs to present a place between truth and fiction. These contrasting images sit side by side with a thin line painted across their surface, drawing imagined connections. The images themselves reinforce the concepts of memory and often use mnemonic elements and notions of artifact to represent an underlying story, which touch on the personal while still attempting to be collective. Massoni visually navigates the stories in her mind, remembering stories that may, or may not exist, imagining stories not yet told. The concept is rooted in the details presented – sometimes revealing and yet often holding secrets. There is truth in the tales, but not necessarily a truth of hers alone. Massoni is interested in the intangibility of this middle ground, searching for that which we experience and cannot express – evidence of memory, evidence of experience, evidence of existence.

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