Northeast High School

Fall 2016
Classroom Teacher: Harmony Thompson
Teaching-Artist: Marguerita Hagan 

Two of art teacher Harmony Thompson’s ceramics classes at Northeast High School worked with teaching-artist Marguerita Hagan on projects that combined scientific exploration, printmaking and ceramics. The classes worked on school grounds to make drawings and photographs from nature, exploring the theme of “Micro and Macro”. Students also collected samples for viewing under microscopes, which were made available through a collaboration with the school’s Science Department. The “Micro” images served as inspiration for more drawings, which were then traced, cropped, edited and recomposed. Using multiple processes and techniques, students experimented with how to best transfer their imagery to clay plate forms. The final transfer process involved multiple steps, including the creation and then application of printed decals onto the clay, resulting in the transferware plates. Exhibitions of the students’ final images and plates were mounted in the library of the school and at The Clay Studio.