August Felix Heid

August Felix Heid (lives Frankfurt, Germany) is a painter and photographer.

Statement from the Artist:
I am an absolute amateur, in the truest sense of the word. I’m drawn to everything that feeds my five senses. They are the connection to the world. They are the world. I’m not at all interested in bringing politics directly into art, on the contrary. I seek freedom, independence, almost the absence of any politics. Freedom does not mean randomness, coincidence or excessiveness. What I mean by freedom is the enhancement of the aesthetic sensitivity. A picture evolves in the head of a viewer. Every viewer will see something else, depending on his or her culture, origin and experience. I want to feed the visual senses of a viewer. Life and therefore the world is complicated and irritating at times. So are my pictures. But there is also rhythm and rhyme in all the mess. I hope the viewer will find inspiration, attentiveness, stimulation and beauty. Making pictures is play. Play is anarchy. Anarchy is freedom. Everything else is politics.