Jon Greene

Printmaking Today Award

Jon Greene (lives Philadelphia, PA) has a BS in Studio Art from Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY; and an MFA in Printmaking from University of Iowa, Iowa City. He has exhibited work at Skye Gallery, New York, NY; Zane Bennett Contemporary Art Gallery, Santa Fe, NM; and the Fig Bilbao International Printmaking Festival, Spain. Greene completed Tamarind Institute’s Printer Training Program in 2019 and has been a resident at Anderson Ranch Arts Center, CO. He works with has Petrichor Press, Philadelphia. 

Statement from the Artist:
Architectural and environmental boundaries define regions of empty space in my prints and installations. Linear fragments of artificial textures make up walls, cliffs, and hedges. I use synthetic materials and thin layers of ink on paper to depict familiar surfaces. Each work follows basic principles of two- and three-point perspectives, but spatial illusions and diversions optically distort the compositions, making them ambiguous in both scale and form. My work illuminates how people observe their surroundings and the defining social, psychological and economic barriers of society. I draw from, and respond to, personal experiences in psychoanalysis and a childhood of seclusion and scrutiny. My precise and rigid art practice is a symptom of that time and an effort to regulate my life