Circuits of Print: Introduction

Circuits of Print​ includes the work of Lisa Blas, Beatriz González, Helena Hernmarck and Soledad Salamé, who re-present and recontextualize photographs and texts culled from newspapers in their prints, textiles and sculptures. Their diverse output is unified by common source material – the newspaper itself. Nearly six years into her syndicated RSS Feed “Monday’s imagethat pairs front pages with works from art history, Blas further expands this practice by grounding them in multi-media collages that incorporate painting and photography and take the final form of dye-sublimation prints on silk. González uses the staged and candid photographs from above and below the fold as templates for her paintings, drawings and prints. Hernmarck also sees a direct correlation between what appears in the newspaper and in her works, as she transposes its printed pages through photography into textile. Salamé seamlessly traverses multiple mediums in a series of embroidered prints and glass sculptures that highlight key front page headlines and images from American and foreign newspapers published since the 9/11 attacks.