Caleb Cole

Caleb Cole (Boston, MA) was born in Indianapolis and is a former altar server, scout, and 4-H Grand Champion in Gift Wrapping. His mother instilled in him a love of garage sales and thrift stores, where he developed a fascination with the junk that people leave behind. He exhibits regularly at a variety of national venues and has had solo shows in Boston, Chicago, New York, and St. Louis, among others. Cole is a 2009 Photolucida Critical Mass finalist, 2009 Artadia Award winner, 2010 and 2013 Magenta Foundation Flash Forward winner, 2011 St. Botolph Club Foundation Emerging Artist Award winner, 2013 Hearst 8×10 Biennial winner and a 2015 Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellow. He is represented by Gallery Kayafas, Boston, MA.