Francis Crisafio

Francis Crisafio’s (Pittsburgh, PA) initial artistic training began with painting and printmaking undergraduate studies at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA. Photography was a peripheral skill set used to augment his work, but became his main discipline in the early 1990‘s. He tends to focus on long-term photographic projects like HOLDUP in the HOOD. Crisafio has been exhibiting images from this series since 2006 curated or juried by Elizabeth Avedon, Linda Benedict-Jones, Chris Boot, Jim Casper, David Chickey, Larry Fink, Charles Guice, W.M. Hunt, Chris Littlewood, Lesley Martin, Alison Nordstrom, Eli Reed, Kathy Ryan, Aline Smithson, Mark Steinmetz, Denise Wolff and amongst others. Crisafio is a Lens Culture Exposure Awards Finalist for 2015 HOLDUP in the HOOD.