Opening in September 2017

Martin Puryear Prints: 1962-2016 

September 8 — November 18, 2017

Martin Puryear, Karintha, from Cane, 2000, Woodcut in black on cream colored Kitakata, a Japanese handmade paper


We are delighted to present this exhibition, guest curated by Ruth Fine, in conjunction with the Association for Public Art's installation of Puryear's temporary monumental work Big Bling in Philadelphia this June.


"The forms explored in Puryear's sculpture, often rooted in nature, are equally powerful in his prints, the creation of which has been sporadic. As evident in this exhibition, Puryear's most expansive bodies of prints date to the 1960s, and again to the 2000s. During these past two decades, his productivity in printmaking has been extensive, emphasizing the most tactile of the print processes: woodcut, a relief  process and the various etching (intaglio) techniques."

- Ruth Fine

Martin Puryear, Big Bling, 2016, installation view Madison Square Park, New York