Spring 2024

Stephanie Santana: Ways of Knowing
Martie Zelt: Land Strider

April 19 – July 20, 2024

These exhibitions will be presented as part of (re)FOCUS, a citywide project celebrating and reflecting on 50 years of feminism in the arts. Learn more

For these female-identifying artists working decades apart, explorations of materials and printing processes are foundational to the understanding of the world around them.

Nancy Hellebrand’s photographs of aging women’s bodies lay bare the physical realities of the female form that is often forsaken for youthful allure. Printed in miniature and rendered in deep, rich tones, her images grant these women a dignified beauty.

Stephanie Santana explores interior worlds, mythologies, navigational tools and resistance strategies within the Black diaspora experience. Working across fiber arts and printmaking, her intuitive practice spans time and geography with the intent of unearthing useful information.

Martie Zelt (1930-2023) took an expansive approach to traditional lithography throughout her career. She manipulated paper and introduced textiles to the process, supplementing her prints with media such as thread and Xerox. Zelt was featured in the group exhibition Women Printmakers at The Print Center, mounted as part of the original FOCUS initiative in 1974.