Ofelia Garcia: Our Fifth Director

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Ofelia Garcia was the Executive Director from 1978 to 1984. In 1978, The Print Center’s sixty year long practice of selling prints while having nonprofit status was scrutinized by the federal government. The Board of Governors decided to separate The Print Center’s educational and sales activities by inviting Associated American Artists (AAA) of New York, directed by Sylvan Cole, to open a branch on the second floor as a for-profit business to handle sales.  Ofelia Garcia was appointed the fifth Director of The Print Center.

Garcia focused full attention on Competitions, artist members, educational programs and providing service for artists. By 1985 Garcia had built  membership to a record high of 3,200 members; the Annual International Competition drew notable curators as jurors; museums and private collectors continued to award purchase prizes. She invited directors of commercial galleries to view work and placed about 150 artists’ work into other exhibitions and collections. She organized traveling group exhibitions; and, published a professional catalog for each iteration of the Competition.