The Print Center Residency Editions

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The Print Center Residency Series, co-directed by Anne Schuster Hunter and Hester Stinnett, operated between 1988 and 1991. Artists Robert Cumming, Lois Lane, Winifred Lutz and Art Spiegelman were invited to work with lithographic master printer Timothy Sheesley and Japanese ukiyo-e woodcut printer Shigemitsu Tsukaguchi, with whom they produced print editions. The Print Club Residency Program re-established The Print Center as a facilitator for the creation of new printed works. These residencies were funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, and resulted in the creation of outstanding artworks.

Lois Lane, Angel, 1990, Ukiyo-E woodcut, 47.5 x 36 inches, Edition of 30
Lois Lane, Angel, 1990, Ukiyo-E woodcut, 27.3 x 21.3 inches, Edition of 100
Robert Cumming, Burning Box, 1989, Ukiyo-E woodcut, 14.5 x 13 inches, Edition of 100


Art Spiegelman, Lead Pipe Sunday, 1989, Two sided Lithograph, Edition of 100, 22 x 30 inches; Published by The Print Center