September 14 - November 10, 2018


Rochelle Toner: Tying a Knot in a Cherry Stem

Tease, 2010


Recent abstract watercolor drawings and collages by this masterful Philadelphia printmaker. New works were complemented by a selection of prints and objects from the artist's idiosyncratic personal collections. The exhibition was accompanied by a 16-page brochure featuring 12 color images and a newly commissioned essay on Toner's work by Judith Tannenbaum.

“Over the years my work has evolved, becoming less specifically referential. However abstract some pieces or series may seem, they have always had a referent, a source or a point of departure in the world of nature and human interaction. Over the years, I came to notice that my work’s single most important theme or common denominator is the concept of dynamics, defined by Merriam-Webster as a branch of mechanics dealing with ‘forces and their relation primarily to motion but sometimes to the equilibrium . . . of bodies; . . . a process of change, growth, or activity . . . variation and contrast in force or intensity.’ ”

- Rochelle Toner

Rochelle Toner: Tying a Knot in a Cherry Stem was made possible by special project support from the Edna W. Andrade Fund of The Philadelphia Foundation.


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Rochelle Toner: Layers of Mark and Meaning,” SGCI Graphic Impressions, Fall 2018   pdf

"In Philadelphia galleries: A former Temple dean gets her close-up," The Philadelphia Inquirer and, Edith Newhall, October 28, 2018  pdf



Past Event
Conversation + Book Launch: Rochelle Toner, Collage Drawings 1873 – 2018
October 10, 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Lauren Pakradooni: Static Slip

September 14 - November 10, 2018

Surest Bask, 2018


The exhibition featured the work of an emerging Philadelphia artist whose practice begins with printmaking and expands into sculpture.

“I am consistently expanding and inventing new ways of using print techniques that experiment with implied dimension, low-relief, and sculptural applications of print media” says Pakradooni. “Imagery is screenprinted and then seamlessly applied to sculpted forms, to create trompe l'oeil or faux surface texture. Traditional intaglio and relief prints are embossed, giving the paper a sculptural quality that becomes visible in raking light.”

- Lauren Pakradooni

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Press Release

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Past Event
Artist Lecture & BYO Social
Lauren Pakradooni and Second State Press
Wednesday, November 7, 2018, 6:00pm