Prints in Progress

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In 1960 Prints in Progress, a program to bring together practicing artists and children through printmaking, was launched by Board member Walther “Billy” Wolf. Prints in Progress was always taught by artists, and began with a portable press that visited area … Read More

Margo Devereux (later Dolan): Our Fourth Director

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Dolan was the Director from 1973 – 1978. in addition to mounting an impressive exhibition schedule, she focused efforts on strengthening membership, particularly by encouraging non-artists to join and by cultivating interactions between artists and collectors.  Exhibitions were as frequent … Read More

Robert Cornelius: Abandoned Shoes of Philadelphia

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In 1990, The Print Center organized an exhibition of works by the Philadelphia photographer Robert Cornelius entitled Abandoned Shoes of Philadelphia. Professor Cornelius is one of the founders of Pittsburgh’s Silver Eye Center for Photography and has taught photography at several … Read More

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